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About Aqualabs

AquaLabs are a company dedicated to creating high performance plant fertilisers and plant health products. We are a small team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who have a wealth of experience in the home hobby and indoor gardening market both in formulation and manufacturing as well as many years experience in hydroponics retail. This retail focus gives us an insight into what customers really want from their products that very few other companies have – and when that is combined with industry leading research and cutting edge formulation, we are able to create high impact fertiliser products with performance that really matters to growers.

  • 09

    09/01/1996 - Aquaculture opens as a hydroponics retail shop

    Simon Spinks with a few other directors came together to form Aquaculture, a company specialising in selling goods in the hydroponic industry but also had a hand in formulating nutrients.

  • 09

    09/01/1996 - Formation of NutriVita

    A liquid fertiliser the uses a combination of vitamins and minerals.

  • 09

    09/02/1997 - Launch of VitaLink

    Callie and Simon are one of the key minds behind the formulation of the original VitaLink range. they were instrumental in the scaling up of production for the VitaLink brand in 2008 as-well.

  • 09

    09/01/2002 - Callie joins Aquaculture

    at the time one of the UK’s leading hydroponics retailers, specialising in indoor growing products; including lighting kits, nutrients, grow tents, growing systems, ventilation, and much more.