Our Team - Callie Seaman


Dr. Callie Seaman (PhD) – Director/Formulation Chemist

Callie has worked in the hydroponic industry for almost 20 years and has applied her vast academic qualifications to the formulation and manufacturing methodology of a wide range of successful hydroponic, soil and coco fertiliser products. Callie is a driven academic who has had research papers and academic studies published around the world. She is a regular technical contributor to a number of hydroponic specific publications and is highly regarded in the industry as a reference point for definitive plant information. She has consulted for the hugely subscribed Just4growers web channel and writes consistently for Garden Culture Magazine.

Callie’s speciality is formulation chemistry and it is her expertise that allows some of the real innovations in our products to be formulated together into stable and high performance products. She too has a vast hydroponics industry experience, having worked with Simon at Aquaculture on such brands as VitaLink, HALO, Amstadam Indoors amongst many others and was instrumental in the scaling up of production for the VitaLink brand in 2008.

Callie’s understanding of plant chemistry is second to none, and her access to global research in plant science has led to huge innovations in the formulation of the SHOGUN range of nutrients. She also leads the product and field testing for AquaLabs, ensuring our product performance is verifiable and consistent to our high standards.