Our Team - Simon Spinks


Simon Spinks – Technical Director / Biochemist

Simon is a veteran in the hydroponics industry, having worked in it since 1996 following the completion of his degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Simon has a healthy obsession with all things science, strongly believing in the intersection of theory and practise. Although primarily taking his seat behind the screen a typical day for him can be in the lab mixing, on the floor managing logistics, to in the office developing pricing strategies, a true workaholic. 

This is not surprising knowing his history which involves multiple accounts of pioneering product types and developing existing formulas. One of the key minds behind the formulation of the original VitaLink range before him co-forming Aquaculture. 

After selling the retail business to GroWell Hydroponics in 2013, Simon became a Director of AquaLabs and continued with product development, bringing to market the Silver bullet range, unique silver stabilised technology to create a highly effective and stable product.   

As well as manufacturing of the SHOGUN Fertilisers Range – applying his 20 years of retail and formulation expertise to create a true next generation fertiliser range with a multitude of cutting-edge advancements that truly set SHOGUN apart.