What is Triacontanol

All you need to know about one of the most potent naturally derived flowering stimulators in the nutrient formulation world.

What is Triacontanol


One of the most potent and popular flowering stimulators around, Triacontanol is a long chain fatty alcohol, a pretty boring structure really, consisting of 30 carbons, 62 hydrogens and 1 lonesome oxygen. It has a molecular mass of 438.9 and a melting point of 86-87°C

As you can see the from the diagram the carbons are joined in a long chain, which ends with an alcohol group, OH. Being a fatty alcohol makes it quite hydrophobic, meaning that it does not like water. However, it does like non- polar organic solvents!

The structure means that Triacontanol does not readily dissolve in water and quite often, volatile solvents such as methanol are required to turn it into a solution. At Aqualabs, we believe in using green chemistry. We use specifically formulated recipes, which use readily biodegradable ingredients which do not bioaccumulate. This formulation expertise is what allows us to create triacontanol based products that are stable in solution in both their concentrated and diluted forms without needing to resort to volatile compounds.

Triacontanol is also known melissyl alcohol or myricyl alcohol and is found naturally in the cuticle waxes on plant leave. Plants produce these waxes on the leaf to manage water retention and absorption.

Most plants contain Triacontanol at some level but certain varieties of plants produce high levels of Triacontanol, Alfalfa being an example. It is these high level plants that are used for extraction purposes.

When extracted, concentrated and applied to crops, Triacontanol is a potent bio stimulant. It has been shown in scientific studies to increase the rate of photosynthesis, improve CO2 assimilation (absorption) under salt stress and also improves the transpiration rate when applied exogenously. It also increases stomatal conductance which is a measure of the rate at which CO2 is taken up into the leaves via the stomata or the rate at which water vapour leave the plant via the stomata. Both very important process performed by plants to stay alive and thrive.

In short Triacontanol, helps your plants to produce more energy, breath more easily and keep cool when it is under stress conditions such as low humidity, high temperatures and drying out. All conditions everyone’s grow room suffers from time to time.

In terms of AquaLabs products, Triacontanol is found in SHOGUN Sumo Boost and SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost and is the active ingredient within these products.